XITUO Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Magnet Knife Holder

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product description

High-quality materials: Made of high-quality plastic ABS and powerful magnets. Healthy and safe, sturdy and durable. The sturdy double magnet makes it easy to hold heavy tools. Elegantly designed to secure and organize kitchen knives to keep your tools in top condition.

Versatile: Used in many corners and crevices in the kitchen or work area. Use a magnetic blade to hold the tool, scissors, tools, keys and anything you can think of. Your metal tool cutlery and tools will remain on these heavy duty magnetic tool holders and will not slip. You can also easily access your knives for quick food preparation.

Easy installation: This magnetic tool bar has mounting hardware so you can install magnetic blades and organize your kitchen right away!

Upgrade your kitchen: Magnetic knives can organize your kitchen right away, allowing you to hang a sharpening knife for easy access and give your kitchen a stylish look!

product information

Style A

Size :38.5*4.8*1.2cm

Weight: 315.6g

Style B

Size :32.7*4.8*1.2cm

Weight: 274.7

Style C

Size :20*4.8*1.2cm

Weight: 155.2g



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