About US

About Us

MCK Master Chef Knives is an online store. MCK exports, distributes and manufactures the top brands of Chef’s knives and accessories.

We have established MCK for people that seeking and valuing Japanese high-class chef knives, professional service, and advice from people who understand knives.


Unfortunately, the awareness in the world of the advanced types of steels manufactured in Japan, and the quality of the handmade chef knives are very low, and the markets is flooded with simple low quality knives that star in television programs for days and nights and are sold to the consumer without even knowing what they are made of. On the other hand, we have set ourselves the goal of being the first (and only) Marketers to provide the consumer with all the information about the knives we sell - the measurements, the steel, the knob and all the other things that really matter when choosing a knife. We know for certain that after you use a high quality Japanese knife for the first time you will experience a moment in which you will not understand how you worked without it to this day. We hope that we will be able to help you find the right knife for you, and also allow you to enjoy an amazing quality knife, and also hold some of the culinary culture in your kitchen.