XITUO Multifunction Magnetic Knife Holder

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Product Description:


Name: XITUO Magnetic Knife Holder


Material: plastic


Base length:268mm






Weight:977 G


Package includes: 1 x Knife holder


The knife holder is integrally formed by plastic and has a multi-functional and convenient storage base. It can be broken down into a multi-purpose cutting board, and the sharpening tool installed on the knife holder makes your use more convenient. Powerful permanent hidden magnet. The built-in super strong hidden magnet can pull the metal tip of the kitchen knife when it is inserted, so that the storage of the knife is easier, faster and safer. Its bottom is equipped with a non-slip felt pad, there is no longer a risk of slipping, slipping, sliding or swinging! Rubber non-slip feet ensure stability under all conditions. Our tool holders are very suitable for mixing and matching various tools because there are no pre-set slots. Moreover, the wooden knife holder is also very easy to clean, and it is very safe and reliable to use in the kitchen.