XITUO Japanese Nakiri 67 Layers Chef Knife

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XITUO Chef's Nakiri Knife 67 Layers Japanese Damascus Steel Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch Damascus Kitchen Knife Solidified Wood 

Product Description

Name:    XITUO 8 inch Best Professional Chef Knife 

Full length: 33 cm (8 inches)

Blade length: 20.5 cm

Blade width: 4.8 cm (The widest point)

Blade thickness: 2.0 mm

Net weight: 200 g

Hardness:  59 HRC.

Material: VG10 Damascus steel.

Handle: Hand solidified wooden handles, Hard, heat resistant, beautiful, Each handle is unique.

Characteristics: sharp and durable; Super anti rust; Light energy.

Sharpness level: Razor Sharp

Other: With Knife Sheath + Gift Box





Hand solidified wooden handles,

Each octagonal geometric handle is different.
I am not sure what color handle you will receive,
But I believe that when you receive it, it will be a surprise!
If you are a person who likes surprises, please feel free to buy it.
If you have special requirements for the handle, please contact our customer service.
When you receive it, would you like to share your knife handle?


Expensive Japanese vg10 Damascus steel, beautiful patterns to show, hand-cutting, sharper!
Very sharp knife, it can easily cut hair and paper,
Cutting food is easier and the kitchen life is more enjoyable.
But when you use it, you must be careful with your hands!



Very precious knife.
Whether you want to be a gift, home use, hotel, or collection, you deserve it!
Because the handle is special and precious, it may not be much.
In the near future, it may not be produced again.
Please don't miss it!