VG10 Japanese Damascus chef knife

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VG10 Japanese Damascus chef knife with 

Turquoise Gemstone composite handle

This is a custom-designed 6" Japanese chef knife with a beautiful Blue Turquoise Gemstone composite handle. The hybrid chef knife is designed as a hybrid style between a Santoku and a classic chef. It's made of high quality 67 layer Japanese Damascus VG-10 steel, with an HRC rating of 60-62 it can provide a much sharper, harder edge and stay sharp for up to 10x longer than an average stainless steel chef knife. The VG-10 core is clad in 67 layers of a stainless steel Damascus to protect it.. The handle is a deep turquoise blue with a black web vein. The handle is bolted on with brass bushings and a stainless steel threaded rod as well as glued using a high-quality epoxy. This knife also features a mosaic center pin.

- Knife comes in a Black display box.

**Please do not confuse my VG10 chef knives with common regular carbon Damascus knives from Pakistan. The carbon Damascus knives you may see in other shops are often made of inferior steel and quickly lose their edge, rust and contaminate your food**

The handle is made of 80% real stone dust mixed with acrylic resins to form a corian like material that is very hard and waterproof.