Professional Knife Sharpener Whetstone Sharpening Stones 2-IN-1 240 600 1000 3000 grit

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Professional Knife Sharpener Whetstone Sharpening Stones grinding stone water stone kitchen Tool 2-IN-1 240 600 1000 3000 grit


1.High-grade whetstone water stone to ensure effective sharpening results.

2.Double-sided sharpening design.

3.Equipped with silica gel non-slip base guarantee the safety sharpening.

4.Widely used for Knives, scissors, hand tools, woodworking tools, carving tools, etc.


Using instruction:

1.Soak the stone in the water for 5-15 minutes, and then put it on a steady platform. Sharpening the knives with one or two steps is decided by the degree of blunt tool.


Step 1: Coarse grinding, used to repair the seriously damaged edge, suitable for blunt knives. Hold the knife at an angle of 10 - 30 deg, grind the edge on the surface of the stone back and forth with gentle pressure, and sharpen it until the edge sharp enough. After sharpening the tool, it needs to be honed with coarse grinding after half a year. Also depends on the specific situation.


Step 2: Fine grinding, a necessary step to eliminate burrs of the edge. Use more gentle pressure, repeat step 1, and repair the edge until smoothly and keenly. General speaking, use it once a week to keep your blade sharp.


2.Please wipe it with wet cloth or rinse it with water after sharpening the tool, and then dry it. Clean the stone surface with a soft brush and put it in the air to make it dry.