Japanese Sushi Sashimi Yanagiba knife

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Japanese sashimi knife Yanagiba Filleting Knives Sushi Germany imports 70Cr15MoV steel Cleaver Salmon Petty Slicing Peeling

Product Name: 8-12 inch sashimi Cuchillo de Cocina Yanagiba Filleting Knives
Blade material: German craft 70Cr15MoV steel manufacturing
Handle material: Rosewood Millettia Leucantha for long-term use, no deformation, no shrinkage, no fading
Product logo: Private logo can be customized, this product defaults to no manufacturer logo, except for steel logo, hardness logo, and tool types Hardness: HRC57
Steel contains carbon C: 0.7%, chromium Cr: 15%, molybdenum Mo: 0.3%, vanadium V: 0.2%
Gift: black walnut scabbard/ash (black) scabbard random selection
Features: rugged, anti-oxidation, high sharpness, special edge treatment The new Yanagiba Filleting Knives is being updated, some models are being updated alternately, the new model steel 70Cr15Mov, carbon content 0.7%, the tool hardness is more stable, the sharpness is more durable, we guarantee that every customer will receive the latest models and our company has not used commodity.
We need to make necessary explanations about some bad reviews For other reasons, some countries cannot mail kitchen knives. For countries that cannot mail, we will contact the buyer for a refund. Anyone who has not received the goods will be refunded
For this, we guarantee that our products are highly advantageous.