Japanese Laser Damascus Steel Chef Knives

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Laser Damascus Chef Knives Japanese Salmon Sushi Knives Stainless Steel Sashimi Kitchen Knife Raw Fish Fillet Layers Cooking Knife

9.5inch Sashimi knife
Overall Length: 358mm(14 inch)                  Blade length: 242mm(9.5inch)                 Blade thickness: 1.5mm                                                 
Blade Width:40mm                                             Net weight:93g
product Features:
Designed to prepare raw fish, sashimi, and sushi, the long and very thin Yanagida allows gliding through any type of fish without the use of pressure. Just start the cut and pull the knife back without compromising the taste and quality of the structure, unlike other knives which can damage the cell walls and alter the feel and taste.
single-sided blade design,angled only from one side with the other side of the blade being flat, allowing control in the blade angle for delicate cutting and allows for ease of sharpening. 
The weight and the size of this  Sashimi knife feel quite balanced and you won’t feel finger numbness because of its ergonomic handle. Pakka's original wood handle makes this kitchen knife more luxurious.
Our 3Cr13 stainless steel blade is softer yet sturdy, making it one of the simplest pieces of steel. The unique conical edge technology provides the best sharpness for precision cutting and is easy to regrind.