Handmade Forged Chinese Knifes Set

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Handmade Forged Chinese Knife, Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife, Kitchen Chef Knives, Boning Knife, Kiritsuke Knives with Knife sharpener

This knife is not suitable for chopping bones.
Wash by hand and dry with a soft cloth immediately after use

Knife Type: Chef knife
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material:5Cr15 High Carbon Steel
Size: as picture shows

1. Cleaver Knife
2. Butcher Knife
3. Chef Knife
4. Kirtsuke Knife
5. Nakiri Knife

1.The entire process of production of this knife is completely manual.
2.The surface of the forge knife is rough not as smooth as the knife produced by machines, but it did show the characteristics of the forging knife.
3.Preservation of traditional craftmanship does not allow the use of modern equipment.
4.Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.