24.5cm hand forged chef Tang with Leather Case

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24.5cm hand forged chef Tang with Leather Case

High carbon stainless steel is used for hand forging. The hilt is made of the first layer of cowhide, and the two ends of the stainless steel headgear are made of sand and grinding.
The steel body of manual (high-pressure steam hammer) forging has high density, and the hardness and toughness of the steel body have been further improved after many quenching treatments in the process of repeated forging.
The cutting edge has been ground for many times. The last time is purely manual polishing.
The sharpness of the whole knife has reached a good level. The whole knife is exquisite, the material is exquisite, the sleeve is made of high-quality head layer cowhide (the head layer is 5mm thick). Is very practical and suitable for the collection of Seiko small hunting knife.
This dao has been adopted by a German dao dealer, and we are entrusted with mass production.
Blade Thickness: about 3.2mm
Material:Manganese Steel Quenching Splash: 780 Degrees Tempering:180 Degrees - 200 Degrees
Material: Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel Characteristics: Razor Sharp for easy bone cutting
Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing
Production Process: In The Quenching - Hammer -Tempering- Clamping Steel - Hammer -Quenching- Tempering And Other Continuous Cycle Operations.

Product name: multifunctional forging knife for household use

Length: 24.5 cm

Blade length: 13 cm

Blade width: 4.8cm (at the widest point)

Handle wood: sourwood

Handle thickness: 2.7 cm

Material:440C wrought high carbon steel (very sharp)

 hardness:57 HRC 

Surface treatment: pure hand-forging mark + polishing

Other: sharp