Professional Stainless Steel Cans Opener

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Best Cans Opener Kitchen Tools Professional handheld Manual Stainless Steel Can Opener Side Cut Manual Jar opener


High-quality stainless steel promises a smooth and shining surface and a strong and reliable body
Easy and convenient for you to open different kinds of can cover with the sharp blade and gear
Much more advanced than traditional can openers than will save your strength and time to open can covers
The open incision is smooth without uneven or sharp cut
You will not be afraid of the cuts hurting your fingers and you can still close the cover when you don't finish the food in the can
Non-slip advanced rubber handle
Cool and fashionable design
Suitable to use it in kitchen, cafe, restaurant, and shops

Material: ABS +carbon alloy stainless steel (head)

Specifications: Length18.6* H6cmwide
Net weight: 110g

How to use:

1.turn anticlockwise to release the roller

2.put it at the edge of the can and turn clockwise

3.completely opened