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Modern Damascus steel is made of a forging process. It is generally made of a combination of hard and hard materials that are forged together. The steel is forged and toughened with both toughness and hardness. Make the knife sharp. Suitable for cutting a variety of foods.
Eye-catching pattern
The distinctive feature of the Damascus knife is that the surface of the knife has a variety of patterns. The pattern at the knife face is highlighted. The pattern is unique and different. Very stylish and distinguished.
Luxury high-end handle
The use of a variety of materials to join, through a number of cumbersome procedures to further upgrade the material of the wood, so that the wooden handle greatly increases the moisture-proof effect, not easy to rot, can be stored for a long time. The color matching process is very important, and the natural sandalwood is specially treated to make the wood shinier. The collection value of the handle is also very high. The one-piece handle is comfortable to hold, luxurious, and extravagant while retaining an ergonomic design.
Best gift 
The knives have a high-end design and are a gift. You can give a lover and gift to friends and family. Business gift.

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PROFESSIONAL CHEF'S TOP CHOICE Do not settle for anything but the best. The Zulay 3 stage knife sharpener allows for the best of both worlds: ease of use and razor-sharp precision sharpening. The coarse slot will revive very dull or damaged knives and the fine ceramic slot sharpener hones and polishes it to the perfect angle. Sharpening has never been easier.
EFFECTIVE, SAFE & EASY-TO-USE Simply put the dull blade on the slot and pull to get a razor-sharp blade in seconds. Our non-slip grip bottom keeps the sharpener steady and easy to hold. You can sharpen stainless steel, ceramic, hard steel, large, small, pocket, hunting, and fishing knives. The ergonomic style is great for your wrist and sharpening is effortless. This lightweight yet sturdy model is the best on the market. It stores easily either in the drawer or on the countertop.

Packaging includes
1* Knife Sharpener
1*High-end gift box



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